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"Don't worry. You might feel lost, but you'll never lose who you are."
Korra to Jinora.[1]

"A Change in the Wind" is a comic book that is part of the anthology Patterns in Time.


Korra, Asami, and Jinora have to deal with spirits that threaten to crash their airplane.


Atop a mountain somewhere in the Earth Kingdom, Korra and Asami effect repairs on their biplane after being forced to land due to the strong winds in the area, while Jinora assists by investigating the nearby puffball spirits that are starting to cover their aircraft. As Asami comments on the temperature as the winds blow by, Korra embraces her girlfriend and references her own experience dealing with far harsher climates, with Asami reassuring Korra with a kiss that she is feeling warmer already. Looking at the biplane's engine, currently filled with the tiny puffball spirits, Korra theorizes that the wind that forced their plane down is the reason for why the puffball spirits are agitated.

Suddenly, the puffball spirits begin to push the plane over the mountain's edge, with Korra managing to temporarily hold it in place with her airbending. Rushing over, Jinora relays that the group of puffball spirits had been scattered by the strong winds; confused and scared, the spirits are taking their anger out on the plane, thinking it is to blame for their predicament. As Korra continues to keep the plane secure, she urges Jinora to connect to the spirits in the Spirit World. Jinora attempts to meditate, but after a few moments, she relents, and frustratedly admits to Korra and Asami that she has not been able to meditate into the Spirit World for some time. Venting her insecurities, Jinora confides to Asami that despite her doing everything she could to help the new airbenders, some of them do not take her seriously. Though Asami tries to comfort Jinora that what she is feeling is normal, relating her own struggles with leadership, the young airbender worries what her inability to get past her mental block will mean for her sense of identity as a spiritual expert.

Giving her own perspective to Jinora, Korra details, how in spite of the confidence she had in her identity as the Avatar, she constantly faced situations that broke her down personally. While Korra acknowledges that she may have lost parts of who she was in building herself back up, she also has a better idea of who she is as a person, reiterating to Jinora that questioning and discovering who she is is not a weakness, but a strength. Asami affirms this, stating if she had not embraced what she had learned about herself, she and Korra would not be in a romantic relationship. Encouraged by her friends' support, Jinora meditates again, this time successfully projecting her spirit in order to commune with the puffball spirits as they lift the plane in the air. Telling the spirits that it is time to move on, Jinora guides them on their way with a gust of wind, bidding them farewell and thanking Korra and Asami as her spirit returns to her body.[1]

Production notes[]


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  • While pacifying the spirits, Jinora sends them riding on a gust of wind. However, she does so while projecting herself into the Spirit World, meaning she should not be able to airbend.


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