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The 46th Earth King was the ruler of the Earth Kingdom around 270 BG. His rule was unpopular among his people, and there were several revolts against his leadership, including the War of Chin the Conqueror and the Peasant Uprising in Ba Sing Se.[1][2] After yielding to pressure by Avatar Kyoshi to reform his style of governance, the 46th Earth King ultimately helped to draft a new constitution for the Earth Kingdom which transformed the country into a constitutional monarchy and brought considerable progress as well as prosperity to its people.[3][4]


The 46th Earth King ruled around 270 BG. Strong-willed and imperious, the Earth King had little support from his people, and his reign was marked by many challenges to his rule which severely tested the Earth Kingdom's government.[1] The most serious of these was a rebellion led by Chin the Conqueror, a warlord from the country's far northwest. Chin easily conquered the kingdom, with the exception of Ba Sing Se and Kyoshi's home peninsula of Yokoya, later renamed Kyoshi Island. Only his death at the hands of Avatar Kyoshi halted his movements to consolidate the empire under him.[2]

The government's inability to deal with Chin's rebellion did, however, have repercussions. The massive losses the Earth Kingdom sustained led the citizens to realize many of the government's failures, and popular sentiment grew into the belief that the monarchy was outdated and did not support the people's interests. In Ba Sing Se, this belief led to a peasant uprising; thousands of peasants stormed the Upper Ring and destroyed anything that represented the "old government". They eventually surrounded the Earth King's palace and demanded he be removed from his position.[1]

Kyoshi threatens the 46th Earth King

After Avatar Kyoshi defeated his guards, the 46th Earth King was threatened into talking with the peasants.

Realizing he was unable to handle the revolt, the Earth King summoned Avatar Kyoshi to his court and ordered her to keep the populace in line. Kyoshi refused and demanded the king listen to his people. Outraged by her audacity, the Earth King ordered her arrest, but the fully realized Avatar easily defeated the king's guards. Powerless against the might of the Avatar, the Earth King complied and had no other choice than to give in to Kyoshi's request to hear the peasants' complaints. In return, Kyoshi would protect the king's interests and Ba Sing Se's cultural heritage by training an elite force of earthbenders in the art of stealth, silence, and precision. This group became known as the Dai Li.[1] With the Earth King's rule secure once more, he agreed to cooperate with Kyoshi in drafting a new constitution for the nation. This legislation transformed the Earth Kingdom into a constitutional monarchy, and greatly benefitted the country's poor. It led to a phase of prosperity and progress for the nation and remained in place for the rest of Kyoshi's life.[3][4]

The 46th Earth King had at least one child and was the direct ancestor of several later Earth Monarchs, including Kuei, the 52nd Earth King, and Earth Queen Hou-Ting.[1]


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