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Ozai to wieloletni Władca Ognia. Jest bratem generała Iroh oraz           ojcem Zuka i Azuli. Ozai to człowiek okrutny, pewny siebie i nieugięty. Zaślepiony ambicją panowania nad wszystkimi ludami. Nie obawia się nawet walki z Avatarem i jest przekonany, że to on ją wygra. Nie zna słowa litość, nie powstrzymał się nawet od walki z własnym synem, którego okrutnie zranił, a następnie skazał na banicję. Miał żonę Ursę, którą również wygnał mówiąc synowi, że nie żyje.Jego przypuszczenia nie spełniy się i przegrał z Aangiem. Gdy Awatar odebrał Ozai'owi moc wtrącono go do lochów, nie długo po tym utworzono Miasto Republiki.


Tak samo jak jego ojciec i dziadek Ozai próbował znaleźć Awatara,choć bezskutecznie.Chcąc dodać do rodowodu Awatara Ozai postanowił poślubić jego wnuczkę Ursę.Wytropił ją i zabrał do Narodu Ognia gdzie po ślubie kazał jej zerwać wszystkie więzi z dawnego życia.W końcu narodził się potomek ,Zuko niestety nie miał błysku w oczach po urodzeniu przez co Ozai myślał ,że nie jest magiem i chciał go oddać,jednak po błaganiach Ursy postanowił dać Zuko drugą szanse.Rodzina zawsze wakacje  spędzała na Wyspie Ember.

Early life Edytuj

When Ozai was a baby, a portrait was painted of him while he was playing on a beach.[5] When he was older, he, like his father and grandfather before him, attempted to find and capture the Avatar, but failed as they all did.[8] Unlike his father, grandfather, and brother, Ozai was never a general, and so he has not known great military accomplishments aside from being leader of the Fire Nation.

Ozai and his father sought to add Avatar Roku's lineage to the royal family, as the Fire Sages predicted that doing so would yield a more powerful bloodline. The two traveled to Hira'a and tracked down Ursa, the granddaughter of the past Avatar. After a short introduction by his father, Ozai proposed to Ursa and she agreed. However, when they prepared to travel back to the capital city, a commoner blocked their way, demanding to release Ursa. Azulon ordered their bodyguards to deal with him, but after a short struggle, Ursa pleaded with Ozai to call off his soldiers'

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attack, securing the man's safety, and let her talk to the man to get him to go home. After being called "My Love" by his future wife, the prince complied to the request. After the man was told off, the group continued their journey back to the capital. [1]Ozai and Ursa's royal wedding.Ozai and Ursa were later married, and during the following banquet the prince told his wife about her new duties. Much to her shock, he explained that she had to sever all ties to her past life in accordance with the old traditions, including family and friends, in order to completely devote herself to her new duties and the royal family. Ozai happily kissed Ursa, saying that she now belonged to him. After their wedding, they had two children together: Zuko and Azula.[7] However, when Zuko was born, his parents were not sure if he was a firebender, as he lacked "that spark in [his] eyes". Considering what a "shame" it would be for a prince of the Fire Nation to have a nonbender as firstborn, Ozai planned to cast his infant son from the palace. However, Ursa and the Fire Sages pleaded with Ozai to give Zuko a chance, and the prince eventually gave in.[9]

The young family made frequent vacations to Ember Island in order to relax. On a vacation around 87 ASC, Zuko nearly drowned in an attempt to help a turtle crab. When the tides were pulling his son further into the sea, Ozai dove in the water and rescued Zuko, who spent the remainder of the day in the care of his mother, recovering from the experience. Ozai would later muse that he had attempted to be a good father in his children's early years.[7] [2]The Fire Prince reading Ursa's letter, furious about its content.Aware of his wife's longing for her previous life, he had ordered her servant,Elua, to file away all the letters Ursa secretly attempted to have someone smuggle outside the palace. However, one day when he was training, the elderly woman came to him with a letter that she felt

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needed the prince's attention. After he read it, he yelled out the impossibility of the secret the writing contained, and crumpled the letter in his hand.[10]

Consumed by the information he had learned from Ursa's letter, he grew even more bitter toward his wife and oldest child. He called a Yuyan Archer,Vachir, to the palace and ordered him to travel to Hira'a in order to kill Ikem, Ursa's former boyfriend. [3]Ozai reprimanding Zuko for his lousyfirebending skills.Months later, during a family dinner, Ozai listened to Azula's animated recollection of how she showed up her firebending teacher, Master Kunyo, much to the latter's displeasure. He sided with his daughter when she posed that Kunyo was wrong about how one creates the biggest fire blast, noting that he would send the firebending teacher to the colonies. When Zuko tried to speak in Kunyo's defense, however, Ozai snapped at his son, telling him he had no right lecturing Azula about firebending, considering that even though she was a year younger, she was already more advanced in the bending art. Ozai

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went on, telling him that he was not even sure that Zuko had been a bender at first, and that he had been lucky his mother and the Fire Sages had come to his rescue, as he had been planning to cast him over the palace wall for being a non-bending disgrace to him. He finished by telling Zuko that Azula "never [had needed] that kind of luck", and that "[he had been] lucky to be born." At that moment, a palace servant alerted Ozai to the return of Vachir, and Ozai promptly left the room.[9] [4]Ozai dismissing Vachir as a disgrace to the Yuyan Archers for failing to locate and kill Ikem.Ozai met Vachir on one of the palace balconies and listened to the Yuyan Archer's recollection of his adventures. The prince was informed that Vachir had failed to track down Ikem, as the man had disappeared

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in Forgetful Valley, where he was assumed to have perished on his own. Ozai, however, was not satisfied with this, deeming it all to be conjecture. He dismissed the archer, commanding him to resign from the Yuyan Archers, as his failure made him unsuitable to be part of the elite fighting group.

Afterward, Ozai went down to Ursa's quarters and confronted her about the letters she had sent Ikem, reminding her that she was supposed to forget her old life and that any communication with her past life was treasonous. Even though he deemed Zuko to be evidence of her treacherous act, he stated he would not kill the boy, proclaiming himself to be merciful. However, he took pleasure in informing his wife that he had sent an assassin after Ikem and that he had been successful, breaking her heart.[9]

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Ozai w filmie ostatni wladca wiatru

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