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  • I live in small country with a lot of people
  • I was born on August 18
  • My occupation is tripping on this phenomenon called life
  • I am that one, not the other one

The-red-spirits cover
"You can run
but you can't hide.
Punishment is upon you."

Combustion Man's attack
"One girl.
One secret nation.
One identity.
Destiny combined the three of them."

" We could have been a good couple, we could have had something special, but you're one crazy-ass bitch!"
James Carter in Rush Hour 2.
" We noemen het 'goedemorgen' omdat 'hou je bek en sterf' sociaal gezien niet echt toelaatbaar is."

We call it 'good morning' because 'shut the fuck up and die' is socially seen not really acceptable.''"

" Always remember that you are absolutely unique. Just like everybody else."
Margaret Mead.
"'There is no sin worse in this world than prejudice, for all other sins spring from it; to hate, to fear, to regard yourself as superior, that they are inferior to you, to inflict insult or injury, to shun, to isolate, even to falsely accuse or steal, or worse. All can be spawned from this emotion, this one way of thinking.'"
— Aiyu to Sokka in Epilogue: Judgement.
"'There is no way to happiness. Happiness is the way.'"
— Chinese Proverb.
" I would prefer even to fail with honor than win by cheating."
" Als de moed je weer eens in de schoenen zakt, ga dan op je kop staan. (If the courage sinks in your shoes again, go stand on your head)"
Me on regular occasions xD ^^
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Hallo anonymous contributers, Avatar Fanon readers and writers, Wikia stars and administrators, and welcome to my userpage. The quotes above partly describe my views about certain topics. Others are just for fun, and some are about things I think are wise.


I think that equality for all is the most important thing in life.

I respect other religions, even though I don't agree with all their beliefs.

For me, I think that you can believe in anything you want, but most important, you must believe in yourself.

I think that everybody should be treated equally, and that there's nothing wrong with same-sex marriage. However some religions disagree. I find it hard to believe, but I accept it.

Don't try to persuade somebody when he's very clear and secure about it. It only causes trouble.

That's my view, if you disagree, that's fine.

My work

Check out my work here. I hope that you will enjoy it.

Recommended Fanons

I know that there are many great fanons out there, but I read some fanons that I think you will enjoy as well.

Namely Wanted, Team Player and The Unknown. I hope that you will enjoy these as much as I did.


Here's some trivia for those that are interested (and who have the guts to look so far down my profile, which is probably no one).

  • My favourite artists are Madeon, Kygo, Alesso and Galantis, but I do like other electronic music as well.
  • My favourite colour's red.
  • I live in the Netherlands(if you didn't know it yet).
  • I am a student.
  • My favourite genre of movies is animation.
  • I have a lot of curls!
  • My man! The best of the Nation!!!
  • My favourite movie for now is The Imitation Game.

Zuko-flord-c1CombustionNationKozilla Sprite 06:22, April 21, 2015 (UTC)

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This user thinks Iroh is the best character of all time because he is a loving, friendly and wise man on the outside, and a very powerful fighter and warrior on the inside. His wisdom is the stuff of spirits, so powerful and deep but also friendly and compassionate. His fighting is the same. There is just no better way to describe him, HE IS MY HERO! Who doesn't love him? Come on! He OWNS almost everybody (who is rude to him) and he kicks total ASS with his awesome and deep wisdom. Iroh is FOR ME just perfect, even though he did bad stuff in the past.
This user has mixed feelings about Amon know, WTF MAN!.
This user likes Sokka because his love for meat and sarcasm reminds me of a certain person.
This user loves Bolin because his character is just....AWESOMENESS! Enough said!.
This user likes Toph because she just doesn't give a f*ck about anything or anyone. AWESOME!.

This user loves Bosco because nobody ever thinks about him.

This user likes firebending just because I can.
This user likes waterbending just because I can.
This user likes earthbending just because I can.
This user likes airbending just because I can.
This user likes frickn' AWESOME energybending.

This user supports the Water Tribes because one half was totally destroyed by the Fire Nation.
This user supports the Fire Nation because they did pretty good stuff under Zuko's rule.
This user supports the Earth Kingdom even though Ba Sing Se is terribly divided, Kuvira tried and succeeded in taking it over and half of it is dirt poor.
This user supports the Air Nomads even though the Air Acolytes aren't really Air Nomads and so are the people who are the new Airbenders.
This user supports the Order of the White Lotus just because they are AWESOME!.
This user supports all the four nations because why not? They have to live with each other.

This user is the author of The Inevitable.
This user is the author of Long Hidden Love.
This user is the author of The Red Spirits.
This user is the author of The Last Combustion Avatar.
This user is the author of Double Trouble.

This user is a fan of One Small Step for Amon.
This user is a fan of Team Player.

This user is a fan of
Inheritance by Bray
 This user participated in 10 of the Fanonbender's writing contest with their One-shot!

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