Qoute1 (Weiß) Jeremy Zuckerman möchte Alicia, Cady, Olivia und Riley Zuckerman sowie Susan Miller danken. Mein unendlicher Dank geht an alle Fans, denen das so viel bedeutet. Das ist für Euch! Qoute2 (Weiß)
— Coverheft des Soundtracks[1]

The Legend of Korra: Original Music From Book One ist der offizielle Soundtrack zu Die Legende von KorraBuch I – Luft. Er wurde am 16. Juli 2013 veröffentlicht und von Jeremy Zuckerman komponiert. Der Soundtrack umfasst 26 Stücke mit einer Gesamtspielzeit von fast 63 Minuten.


Nr. Titel Länge
 1 Prologue 1:18
 2 Air Tight 2:54
 3 In A Box 1:37
 4 An Impossible Crime 2:11
 5 Being Patient / Beifong's Sacrifice 4:20
 6 Asami And Mako Dine 1:10
 7 On The Lam 1:19
 8 Hittin' On All Sixes 2:40
 9 Good Ol' Days 1:41
10 Before 7:38
11 Fresh Air 1:06
12 Korra Confronts Tarrlok 3:00
13 Squeaky Rags 1:44
14 Amon (Komposition) 3:02
15 Chi Blockers 2:18
16 A Peaceful Place 2:03
17 Left My Heart In Republic City 2:40
18 Firebending Training 1:16
19 Wheels 2:48
20 Republic City Under Attack 4:03
21 Hardboiled... Afraid (Separate Ways) 1:20
22 War 2:04
23 Asami And Hiroshi / Korra Airbends 4:24
24 Greatest Change 5:16
25 The Legend of Korra End Credits 0:31
26 The Legend of Korra Main Title 0:28
Qoute1 (Weiß) The music for The Legend of Korra is truly something special. It adds a layer of emotion that can't be achieved with story and art alone. This soundtrack wouldn't have happened without the tireless effort of Megan Casey at nickelodeon, who went to bat time and time again on our behalf. Thank you, Megan! And of course, a huge helping of thanks and gratitude goes out to Jeremy Zuckerman, the multi-talented composer behind the music, and one-half of The Track Team. There was no challenge too daunting, no request too crazy, that Jeremy couldn't handle. Thank you, Jeremy, for always going above and beyond, and for sharing your music with the show and the world. Also, thanks to Benjamin Wynn, the other half of The Track Team, whose sound design is an essential part of the Korra audio experience. And thanks to all the fans over the years who not only asked fpr a soundtrack, but started online petitions demanding its release. We are grateful for your passion and dedication to the show and its music. We think it was worth the wait. Qoute2 (Weiß)
— Mike & Bryan



  1. Eigenübersetzung von „Jeremy Zuckerman would like to thank Alicia, Cady, Olivia, and Riley Zuckerman and Susan Miller. My boundless gratitude to all the fans who feel so deeply. This is for you!“